Episode 7 Sunday

You should be able to pass those with flying colors.”

I was nodding the whole time and hadn’t said a word. I finally said OK.

He rubbed his chin a few times. “There’s just one more thing. We’re going to put you on academic probation.” He picked up the transcript. “Your grades in high school are nothing to be proud of. The courses you took are absolutely worthless. Didn’t your guidance counselor help you or give you a list of courses to take.”

I shook my head. The guidance counselor at Buckingham didn’t have time to fool with general or agriculture students. He gave me a card with the classes and times marked.

I studied the schedule card a few seconds. Only fifteen classes a week. On Tuesday, I didn’t have a single class. What was I going to do with all the free time? College was going to be a snap.

He pointed at a larger table near the door. “Go over to that table and pay.” He nodded and waved for the next student.

Mr. B looked at the card. “Two hundred and eight dollars please. Make the check out to STC. That is for room and board for one semester. Tuition is free if you promise to teach in the state of Maryland for two years.” He shoved a sheet of paper to me. “Do you agree? If so, sign.”

I would have signed anything to keep from paying tuition. The registrar had made a copy of my discharge and signed me up for the G.I. Bill. I was receiving a hundred twenty dollars a month for going to college. Miracles never cease.

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