Episode 6 Saturday

Christmas of 1954 came and went. 1955 began and I was ready for college. My brother, Irving, picked me up and drove me to STC. I had an old duffle bag with sheets and clothes. He dropped me off, waved and was gone.

I wandered inside, duffle bag over my shoulder. The first person I met was the dorm mother. She checked my name and took me to room 26. My new roommate had been caught having sex with his girlfriend on the gymnastic mats. Everybody called him Matman. He was a nice guy but like me, definitely not college material. He lasted the semester and never returned after the summer break.

I made my bed and stood in the doorway listening to the other students. They were all returning from the first semester and knew each other.

The next day I walked over to Holloway Hall, the main building, and had breakfast. Then everyone went to the gymnasium to get their class schedule. I got in line and finally reach the first table. A woman glanced at my name and sent me to the last table. I sat down opposite some old man.

“Well, well, Mr. Lynch. I see you went to good old Buckingham High School.” He was looking at my high school transcripts. “I think you need a few remedial courses to get you up to par with the other students. I’m going to put you in a beginning algebra class. You should be able to handle that. Then a remedial English class. You’ll love the instructor. A sociology class, a world history class and a health class. That’s fifteen credits. You should be able to pass those with flying colors.”

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