Episode 3

“OK, let’s go. I’ll pick you up tomorrow morning. I’ll borrow Mom and Dad’s Mercury. They should be pleased to hear I’m thinking about going to college.”

Now neither Kelly nor I were college material. But ignorance is bliss and we didn’t know that at the time. We were in the last graduating class in Maryland that only went eleven years. There was no graduating class in 50. Everyone below us had to go an extra year. Our school offered an academic diploma, a commercial diploma, an agriculture diploma and the lowest of all, a general diploma. Guess what Kelly and I had. You’re right. A nice plain old general diploma signed by the Superintendent of Worcester County schools.

We had not taken a single academic course. No chemistry, no algebra, no geometry, no literature and no biology. We had taken general arithmetic, general science, plain English and no foreign language. But we did take typing. Actually we were forced into typing class. We had two free periods in our senior year. The principal came to the library and marched us to the typing room saying we were only supposed to have one free period. It was about the only thing learned worth while in my senior year.

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