Episode two

That particular day in the pool room was too wet to haul chicken manure. For some strange reason I bought a used F-8 Ford truck. It was the largest truck Ford made in 1948. I had a manure spreading body put on the chassis and went into the chicken manure spreading business. Of course there was a lot of shoveling involved. I never had a cold. The ammonia and other noxious gases in the manure kept my nasal passages clean as a whistle. I once went to a friend’s home where a little blind girl lived. She would feel of my palms and ask what did I have in my hands? She had never felt of calluses before. I had calluses on my palms and fingers from the shovel.

I usually hired three other guys to help with the shoveling. We would load the truck with about ten tons of chicken manure, Drive ten or twelve miles from the chicken houses to the field. Manure would be blowing off the truck the whole time. Of course we looked at it like we were fertilizing people’s lawns free of charge. Once in the field, Kelly would climb on to the top of the manure. His job was to punch manure down on the conveyor belt taking the manure to a spinner at the back of the truck. I put the truck in low gear, low axle and stomped on the gas pedal. The truck had a five speed transmission with a two speed axle. I was getting two miles to the gallon. Anyhow, back to the pool hall.

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