An Idiot’s guide to entering college

A serial of ten episodes

Six months in 1954 and 1955 or An Idiot’s guide to Entering College

Kelly and I were shooting a few games of eight ball in Bill Williams Tavern on a rainy December afternoon. He stopped for a moment to chalk his cue stick. Chalking wouldn’t help him. He was a poor shot and had no idea of getting position with the cue ball for the next shot. He didn’t worry about it because he usually missed the shot. He leaned down to see under the florescence light hanging over the pool table. “Nelson, let’s go to college.”

This was December of 54 and I had graduated from Buckingham High School in 49. I had worked in a saw mill the first year out stacking lumber in the hot sun for sixty cents an hour so that it would dry. Then two friends said the same thing in the same pool room on another rainy afternoon. “Nelson, let’s join the Air Force.” I think I have this abnormal DNA molecule on chromosome 13. It causes me to agree with crazy people, be very gullible, go with the flow and unable to say no. More about the Air Force later.

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