Final episode

“Look, look.” Eve backed up a few steps. “What is it? Is it dangerous?”

Adder waited a few seconds and then scooped the snake up and let it drape over his shoulders. “No, it’s completely harmless. Wouldn’t hurt a flea.” He held the animal’s neck and extended it’s head toward Eve. “Feel of it. It’s nice and smooth.”

Eve flinched as the snake hissed and flicked out its forked tongue. “It is beautiful. His skin pattern is just like yours.”

“Enough of this nonsense.” Adam extracted a phone from his tote bag. “I’m going to call the headquarters of the Planet Management Company.” He punched in a string of numbers. “Reception is bad in this spot. I’m going to walk to that hill over there. I’ll be right back.”

Adder waited until Adam disappeared down a wooded path. He reached into his hip pocket. “Look what I have. Two all paid tickets for two weeks at Disney Planet. Every thing is free. That includes food, rides and lodging.” He grinned at Eve. “You really don’t look like a pioneer to me. Are you Game?”

“I’m game.” They both began running in the opposite direction.

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One Response to Final episode

  1. ddmd1944 says:

    Your imagination is only exceeded by your writing skills ~ Thanks, Nelson!

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