Episode 6 Saturday

Adam stepped forward a few feet. “What? You mean we can’t settle here because of a few measly animals in short supply. George told us this planet is loaded with plant and animal species and most of them good to eat.”

Adder smiled solemnly. “That’s true. George and Gabrielle told the truth for once. But there is one more endangered animal that lives here. The rarest of the rare.” He paused as Adam and Eve leaned forward. “The extremely rare white unicorn with the ivory horn lives here. It is a galactic criminal offense to even own an unicorn horn.”

“No, no, no. There’s been a terrible mistake.” Adam wiped at the sweat forming on his forehead. “We haven’t seen any of those animals, especially a dumb white unicorn with an ivory horn. There’s probably no sloths here either.”

Adder rubbed his smooth chin, “Do you have a deed to this planet that you have named Earth?”

Eve tore her eyes away from the comet. “Deed. What deed are you talking about?”

Adder shook his head is exasperation. “The deed for this planet. You said you guys registered it with Planet Management on Alcor 3.”

“Oh, that deed. We don’t have it.”

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