episode 4 Thursday

“Oh, that George. Good ole George Godfrey” Adder smiled sadly at Adam and then Eve. “George is the biggest planet swindler in this quadrant of galaxy. He has sold planets with no atmosphere to settlers. Planets with not a drop of water. Planets so far from their sun that it was 300 degrees below zero at noon time.”

Adam was shaking his head. “We don’t care about the other planets George sold. We only care about this planet. It’s ours. We’ve already named it Earth. It is registered at the Planet Management office on Alcor 3.” He managed a weak smile at Eve. “So there. We’re sorry, but you and anyone else with you has to leave.” He paused a second. “And soon. Tomorrow at the latest.”

“What back-water planetary system are you guys from? You should have known that George Godfrey was a swindler, a thief and a charlatan. In general, a person to avoid when dealing with money.”

Eve was staring at the comet as it emerged from under Adder’s Bermudas. “Look at that. It going down his leg now.”

“Dammit, forget that simple comet.” Adam kicked a few grains of sand in Adder’s general direction. “No, no, that not true. You have it all wrong. George was highly recommended. This woman, I think her name was Gabrielle swore up and down that George was the best planet developer in our galaxy.”

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