episode 2 Tuesday

Adam reluctantly extended his hand.

Eve touched his arm and giggled slightly. “Adam, I’d like you to meet Adder. He says his camp is a few hundred yards over that way.” She waved her arm toward a wide path in the woods.

“I though we were to be the only intelligent inhabitants on this planet. We paid good money for this place.” He stared at Adder. “Sorry but this planet is ours, lock, stock and barrel.”

Adder’s skin shimmered and shook for a few seconds. The diamond pattern had been replace by circles, squares and triangles.

“Holy Galactic Mother, did you see that.” Eve pointed at Adder’s chest. “He can change his skin color and pattern. That is really neat. I wish I could do that.”

Adam pulled Eve back a few feet. “Pay no attention to his skin. He’s going to be gone soon.” Adam looked at Adder. “I’ve heard of your race. Aren’t you from a star system out near Orion’s sword.”

“That’s our ancestral planet. But my branch of the family left that planet a few thousand years ago.”

“I really like your skin.” Eve moved a few steps to get a closer view of Adder’s back.

“Forget his skin, dammit. We bought this planet and he has to go.”

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