Episode one 2/6/12

This was written for the First Saturday Writers using Adam and Eve as key words.

Adam stopped for a moment to admire the manicured path. Multicolored vines hung down, stopping two feet from his head and shoulders. Assorted flowers grew along the edge of larger trees, all bursting forth in flowers of all colors, sizes and descriptions. He walked ten feet to where a huge perfect bunch of ripe bananas was hanging. He pulled off the largest one, peeled it and threw the skin to the lush green grass. A small red animal ran from the bushes, picked up the skin and ran back into the trees.

He smiled widely at the trash removal system and walked on to a small pond, Frogs jumped from the bank at his approach. Dragonflies flitted about scooping mosquitoes, their iridescent wings shimmering like diamonds in the sunlight. He nodded approval and walked on.

He entered the clearing and froze for a second in surprise. Eve was talking to a stranger, her nude body glistening in the dappled sunlight filtering through the tree leaves

“There you are, Adam. Come on. It seems like we have a neighbor.”

Adam took his time and studied the individual. Red, yellow and brown diamond patterns graced his skin as if a crazed tattoo artist had caught him sleeping.

The individual held his right hand up in a peace greeting and then extended it.

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