Episode 16 Monday

Before I could comment, the phone rang. Who in the hell do you think would be calling at midnight. As soon as Jeanne picked up the phone, I knew who it was. It was Dolores and she was on her way over.

I started a pot of coffee as Jeanne flew out to the barn. Ten minutes later I was taking my first sip when Dolores trotted through the yard without even stopping. I took the pot and four empty cups and walked slowly to the barn.

Was I in for a surprise. Jeanne was handing a little baby to Dolores. “It’s a baby girl,” they cried in unison. I tried not to get excited so I poured four cups of coffee as everyone smiled and touched the baby. Mary was on the quilt, wearing a happy smile. 3626

“How come it’s a girl? I thought it was supposed to be a boy.”

Dolores swayed back and forth with the child. “What ever gave you that idea?”

“It’s got to be a boy. Who ever heard of Joseph and Mary having a little girl? Nobody will believe it. You’ll be the laughing stock of Berlin.”

Dolores shook her head. “She’s going to be a queen. Just wait and see.”

“You are all dumber than Balaam’s Ass. What’s going to happen now?”

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