Episode 15 Sunday

I shook my head disgustedly. “They had no idea and they weren’t worried. They checked the barn after the sun went down and all was OK. That was when Dolores went home.”

I reached across and grabbed Betty’s hand. “You got to get this story right and get me out of here.” She slid back, a scared look on her face. I hurriedly released her hand. “I’m not going to harm you. I wouldn’t hurt a flea.”

Betty stayed a foot away from the table. “What happened the next day?”

I eased back in my chair and shook the ankle chains. “That night was really weird. At midnight there was a terrible lightning storm. No thunder at all. I got up and went to the window. The whole yard was lit as bolts of lightning flashed. Sheet lightning was everywhere. Ball lightning was dancing on the roof of the barn. A screech owl wailed, another owl was hooting in the distance and a coyote was howling from our deck.”

Betty was typing furiously on her computer. “Had anything happened?”

I didn’t know so I was going to go back to bed. But Jeanne was up and throwing clothes on. “What are you doing getting dressed this early? It’s just after midnight.”

“Something is going on. Did you see all the lightning? The wild animals are going crazy. I swear I heard a donkey baying.”

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