Episode 14 Saturday

“Have you been out to the barn to see Joseph and Mary?”

I nodded slowly. “After the three women left I took my time and walked to the barn. Joseph, Dolores and Jeanne were sitting at an old card table and Mary was lying on a big pile of hay. I was hoping for another slice of pizza but they had ate the whole thing.” 3083

“I stood in the entryway for ten seconds. The girls ignored me. Finally Joseph said, Come join us and have a seat. What will you have? A bottle of beer or glass of wine.”

“I asked a lot of questions: Where were they from? Where were they going? When was the baby due? I never got a straight answer. It was like Clinton and Lewinsky. So we ended up talking about the weather and the farm while Mary laid on the quilt with her eyes closed.”

Then Dolores stood. “Time to go. Mary needs peace and quiet.”

The rest of the day they sat on the deck steadily talking. In the process drinking the rest of the wine and beer. It was dark when Dolores left telling Jeanne she would be here for an early breakfast.

Betty looked up from her computer. “How were Joseph and Mary that night? When did the girls think the baby was due?”

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