Episode 13 Friday

“No, no, dammit. You are just as dense as Dolores. It was the three farmers from Ironshire. Guess what? They were bearing a gift. A little lamb.”

“A lamb. How sweet. What did Jeanne and Dolores do?”

“You would have thought they had won the super jackpot worth $100, 000 ,000. They nearly had a fit right on the deck. Finally they pulled the three farmers out to the barn and presented the little lamb. After the farmers left, here came the three people from the contest.”

Betty leaned closer to the table. “What did they bring? It had to be very important.”

“Guess again. They had stopped at Pizza Hut and had a huge pizza with everything. They gave me a slice and ran to the barn. Twenty minutes later, they were gone and in no time the three dumb women came.”

Betty stared at me and finally asked. “What did they bring? Something valuable?”

I shook my head. “ A bottle of wine and a six pack of beer. I took a beer and on they went to the barn. After a while they left empty handed. It was fairly calm the rest of the day. Looking back I can see it was the lull before the storm.”

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