Episode 10 Tuesday

Jeanne was off the deck beckoning the three men to follow. She was pulling on them and Dolores was pushing. I watched them trot to the door but go in very slowly.

Three Shepherds. Where did they get that crazy idea? They were just three dumb farmers from Ironshire who had lost their lamb.

Betty interrupted my train of thought. “Did you know these three shepherds?”

“What are you talking about? They aren’t shepherds. They are a farmer and his sons from Ironshire. I’ve seen the two sons in the pool hall on Friday nights.”

“Did you go out to talk with the farmers?”

“No. Let me keep on with my story. I’ve got to get out of this asylum and find Jeanne. Anyhow, twenty minutes later all five came out of the barn and started prancing across the yard. They stopped by the deck. The farmer nodded at me and then talked to Jeanne.”

“If the little lamb shows up, keep it for Joseph and Mary.” They began walking out the lane singing Joy to the World off key and sounding terrible.

“What are we going to do?” Dolores cocked an ear at the ebbing music. “We should be out telling the world.”

Jeanne was shaking her head. “Both Mary and Joseph said not to. We can’t do anything they don’t approve.”

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