Episode 5 12/8/11

I took my time chewing on the sausage. Something really odd was going on. Elvis was seen in Brazil last week. “They said something about a large meteor or the tail end of a comet lighting up the sky. Whatever it was either burned up in the atmosphere or kept on going and escaped the earth’s gravity. It could be half way to Mars by now.”

Jeanne barely nodded. “I don’t know. It seems strange that Dolores was looking for Joseph and Mary.” She stared across the breakfast table at me. “You do know who Joseph and Mary are, don’t you?”

I moved my legs making the ankle chains rattle against the floor. “I’ve got to get out of here. I have to find Jeanne.”

Betty slid back from the table. “I’m sure Jeanne will show up. She probably went to visit a relative. Now back to your story. What did Dolores really want.”

I thought for a few seconds and went back to the story as best as I could remember. “Jeanne asked me about Joseph and Mary. Of course I knew of them from the bible. But that was two thousand years ago.”

“What about Dolores? Did she come back?”

“Come back. Are you kidding? She came back at lunch time and dinner time. Each time she wanted to know where Joseph and Mary were. I got aggravated with her and told her to stay away.”

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