Episode 4 Wednesday

“Who? Joseph and Mary who? What’s their last name?”

Dolores scratched her rear-end. “I don’t know. Joseph is an out of work carpenter and Mary is going to have a baby very soon.” Dolores pulled a tablet from a bag and studied it intently.

I leaned close to Jeanne and whispered. “I think she fell from the turnip truck this morning. Sometimes her six pack is shy a can.” I turned back to Dolores. “What’s on your tablet? Does it have a GPS system?”

Dolores examined her tablet, turning it over and looking at both sides. She nodded. “Something similar. It says Joseph and Mary are here or soon will be here.”

Jeanne spoke before I could answer.

“I can assure you Joseph and Mary are not here. You sure you won’t have some breakfast with us.”

Dolores face showed befuddlement. “No, no. I must have made a mistake. Excuse me please, I have to go now.” She turned and began walking quickly out the lane. After a few steps she broke into a trot.

“What do you think is going on?” Jeanne leaned over the railing watching Dolores trot out the lane. “Something is going on. Did you see the shooting star last night. It went directly over our house. It lit up the whole neighborhood. Was there anything about it on WBOC news this morning?

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