Episode 3 Tuesday

Betty reluctantly held out her hand. “Well, Nelson, you seem to be in a lot of trouble. I would love to hear your side of the story and publish it in our newspaper.”

I grabbed her hand and shook it vigorously, pulling her closer to the table at the same time. “Listen Betty, you got to tell my story and get me out of this crazy house. That nurse is going to kill me.”

Betty pulled on her hand until I finally released it. She wiped her hand, using two tissues and a germicide. “All right, start. My computer will record your story. Remember nothing but the truth.

I nodded. “Nothing but the truth because the truth will set me free.” I leaned back in the chair and gazed at the sky. “We’ll have to go back a few weeks. My wife Jeanne, you remember Jeanne, don’t you.” I waited for Betty’s slow nod. “We were sitting on the deck eating breakfast when we saw someone walking up the lane to our house. When she got closer, we recognized Dolores.” I glanced at Jeanne. “What in the hell is Dolores doing walking up our lane at breakfast time.”

Jeanne didn’t answer, instead she waved at Dolores. “Dolores, how nice you came to visit. How about joining us for breakfast?”

Dolores shook her head for at least ten seconds. “Where are Joseph and Mary?”

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