episode 2 Monday

“Not a chance. Not when he says the kidnappers are either from outer space or from a different time period.” She reached over and shook my shoulder violently. She held out her hand with the index and little finger extended. “Hey, Jack the Ripper, Wake up. Scotland Yard is here to interview you. Tell her your crazy story.” She gave a loud maniacal cackle and shook me harder.

Betty clutched her laptop tightly. “What’s with the fingers? Do you have to be so mean to him? You know he is innocent until proven guilty.”

“No way he is innocent. I’ve been told to give the two finger hex sign to protect me from his evil mind. My minister said his mind can jump right out and take control of your own mind.” She shook me again. “He waking. I see his eyes are open. Look at those beady eyes. They are the eyes of a killer.”

Betty looked around the cell-type bedroom. “Where can I interview Mr. Lynch? This cell isn’t too conducive to interviewing.”

The nurse pointed to a door. “Go out on the patio. It’s nice out there this afternoon. I’ll have an orderly bring him out.” She smiled as Betty’s forehead developed deep wrinkles. “Don’t worry. The orderly will keep a close eye on Mr. Lynch.

Ten minutes later I shuffled along in ankle chains to her table.

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