The Second Noel Episode 1 12/4/11

The Second Noel

Someone was talking close by. I opened one eye a tiny bit. It’s that horrible nurse and some old woman. I opened my eye wider. It was Betty.

“As you can see, Mr. Lynch is resting. He should be waking up soon. It’s dinner time and he never misses a meal.”

Betty leaned over and peered down at me.He looks normal to me. Do you have to sedate him? The newspaper wrote that he is extremely violent at times.

What in the hell does Betty want? I’m not violent. Who are they talking about?

“Mr. Lynch is mildly sedated right now.” She glanced at the wall clock. “He should be waking any minute. You can have thirty minutes to interview him. That is if he will allow it.”

Betty backed away from the bed. “He won’t be violent toward me, will he? Has he been convicted yet?”

The nurse shook her head. “They haven’t found their bodies. But I’m sure he did it. Their bodies are buried out there on that farm somewhere. The cops are going to find them soon. Then we’re going to declare him competent to stand trial. They’ll hang him in town right in front of the Atlantic Hotel.”

“You don’t think there’s a chance Mr. Lynch is innocent? That someone else kidnapped them and they’re being held for ransom.”

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