Episode 5 Friday

Joanne spun around with her nose in the air and carefully walked back to her tombstone. Kneeling down on the edge of the grave she began brushing the limestone.

George stepped over three graves to get to the next uncleaned tombstone. “Look at this guy. Everything is legible. It must be a marble tombstone. I see a few tombstones back at the inside edge of the woods. Let’s go back there and do our identifying and mapping. Those really need surveying.”

Joanne wrote down the last of the information on the infant’s grave. “No, I am not going into the woods with you.” She carefully picked her way around the graves and went to a very weathered tall tombstone. She wrote the coordinates on her clipboard. Using her dry scrub brush, she tried to scrape away the various lichens, molds and fungi growing on the stone. She rested on hand on the stone and leaned closer. “I don’t think I’ll be able to decipher this stone. The letters and dates are really weathered. This must be a cheaper variety of limestone or maybe even sandstone.”

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