Episode 4 Thursday

We can remedy that.”

Joanne leaned back, her knees on the edge of William T, her face forming a perplexed frown. “What do you mean? How can we remedy his loneliness.”

George quickly looked around the empty graveyard again. He took Joanne’s hand and gently pulled. “I was thinking we could lie down on William T’s grave and do a little smooching. We could —”

“What! Have you lost your mind? You want me to lie down on his grave with you.”

“I bet ole William T is smiling from ear to ear right now in anticipation. Seventy years he has laid there with no one paying any attention. You said his life was hard without any pleasure.”

Joanne snatched back her hand. “I don’t care. He’s not going to get any pleasure or excitement watching me on top of his grave.” She leaned back further. “You got a sick mind. What would Mrs. Jones say if she caught us lying on top of a grave?”

“Mrs. Jones.” George looked around again. “She’s not here and I certainly am not going to tell her.” He grinned at Joanne. “And I don’t want you telling her either.”

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