Last episode Sunday

George reluctantly struggled to his feet. He surveyed the yard again and looked down at the grinning Mary. He thought the lawyer also was trying not to grin. He unbuckled his belt and eased his pants to the deck.

Mary flicked open her cell phone. “Keep on. She can’t measure anything through your underwear. They got to go to the floor, too. Let’em fall.”

“What in the hell are you going to do with that?” George nodded toward the phone and tugged up on his under shorts.

Mary aimed her cell phone at George’s abdomen and clicked. “That is a before shot.” She reached up and yanked his shorts down and clicked the camera again. “Here he is, now measure away.”

Ms Jones held the ruler close to George’s lower abdomen. “Look at that. It’s too small. I’m sorry. We can’t use you in the malpractice suit.”

His wife slapped his bare abdomen. “It’s too little, dammit.”

George reached down for his clothing. “Smart-ass women.”

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