Episode 6 Saturday

“OK. I want to measure your scar from the hernia operation.”

“Do what!” George rubbed his lower abdomen. “What will that prove?”

“Dr. Barkley should have done the operation laparoscopically. His report to the hospital describing the operation states that it was done laparoscopically. If what the report says is true you will have a small scar.”

George kept rubbing his abdomen. “I don’t know about that. It doesn’t seem right.”

Mary grabbed his arm. “What is wrong with you? Don’t you want any malpractice money. Some of these pay off in the millions.” She frowned at George, then smiled at the lawyer. “Now stand up and drop those pants. Lawyer Jones is going to measure you.”

George looked around the yard. “Right here on the deck? It doesn’t seem quite right to be doing it out here in the broad daylight.”

“George, don’t be so dumb.” Mary watched Ms Jones put on rubber gloves. “Just drop your damn pants. It’ll be over in a minute or two. Here’s your chance to make a little cash for a minute’s work.”

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