episode 6 Friday

Mary put her hand on George’s arm and pulled. “Stop talking.” She kept her eyes on the woman. “Does this mean that George may be included in the suit and to be blunt, actually get a few malpractice dollars.”

Sarah nodded very slowly. “Your husband has to meet all the criteria of an injured and ill-treated patient. I assume the Doctor Barkley is the one who preformed your hernia operation three years ago”

She paused as George and Mary nodded vigorously

“Poor George was in the hospital for a week in terrible pain. The staff at the hospital were inconsiderate and uncaring.”

The lawyer was shaking her head. “No, no. We are not suing the hospital. Only Dr. Barkley at this point in time. Did he examine you in a timely and professional way? Was a nurse present? What sex was the nurse? Were you satisfied with the examination?” She paused a moment. “The information given today is not binding. If I decide we want your testimony, we would like you to come to our office and give your testimony under oath.”

“Not so fast.” George tried to read the typewritten page upside down. “How do I get in this class action suit and get some malpractice dough.

Ms Jones stared at George and finally nodded. “OK. I want to measure your scar from the hernia operation.”

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One Response to episode 6 Friday

  1. Rick Palmer says:

    Gee, I thought she was there to measure one of his feet!

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