Episode 5 9/22/11

Actually I’m here to measure you. Screw & Loose have this case —-”

Mary was leaning over the table grinning. “Did I hear you correctly? You want to measure George.”

George pushed away from the table shaking his head. “What are you? Some kind of nut. Why don’t you just hit the road. I haven’t done anything wrong.”

Mary grabbed George’s arm and pulled him back to the table. “Just hold your horses. I want to hear the rest of this tale from the nice lady.” She giggled a bit. “Keep on with the measuring. I wouldn’t miss this for all the tea in China.”

Sarah wiped at her red face and tried to smile. “I can see I worded that incorrectly. And you guys, rightfully so, interpreted it completely wrong. My apologies. Let me start over with the whole story and what I want to measure.” She picked up one sheet of paper and pointed at George.

“Screw & Loose are representing a few people in a class action suit against Doctor William Barkley, a surgeon at the local hospital. The doctor is in the middle of two law suits from another law firm charging gross malpractice, incompetence and inappropriate touching.”

George pulled his chair closer the to table. Malpractice meant big money. “Keep on. I never liked him. He had these little beady eyes.”

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