episode 3 9/20/11

He walked to the door and peeped around the edge at the woman. “She doesn’t look too dangerous. I think I can handle her. Come on out and back me up on everything I say.”

“No, no,” Mary hissed as George opened the door. “I’m not lying to save your sorry ass. What have you done?”

George was already on the deck walking toward the woman. His hand outstretched for an innocent handshake. “George Pine. What can I do for you? My wife said you work for Screw & Loose. Nice law firm. I really admire them.”

Sarah Jones stood. She transferred the ruler to her left hand. She shook George’s hand firmly. She stood there and began slapping her hand lightly with the ruler. “Our law firm of Screw & Loose are representing a few people who have suffered grievous bodily harm and mental anguish.”

“Whoa, back up a minute. You got the wrong man.”

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