episode 2 Monday

George sat up quickly. Then he eased back against the cushion to give his mind time to collect its thoughts. “Who is she? You say she works for some crooked lawyer. What in the hell does she want in the middle of the afternoon?”

Mary shook her head sadly. “She wants you. I told her I could answer all her questions but she said Screw & Loose were adamant in her speaking directly to you.” She leaned over and whispered. “What have you done? It must be serious.”

George shook his head, his eyes shifting wildly. “Why is it serious?”

Mary straightened up and put her hand on her heart. “I’ve heard of the Screw & Loose lawyers. They only take high profile cases. They handle a lot of death penalty cases.”

“My God woman, what ails you? Death penalty cases. If you are trying to scare me, you’ve succeeded.” He stood quickly and swayed back and forth a few inches. “Holy smoke, you’ve scared me so bad I can’t even stand straight. But I am innocent as a new born babe. Hell, I haven’t done anything.”

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