Episode 1 9/18/11

“George. There’s a woman out here who wants to see you.” She waited thirty seconds. She knew he was going to ignore her. “She says it personal.”

George waited another thirty seconds before he turned over on the sofa. “What does she want? Tell her I’m busy reading an important document.” He opened his eyes. He knew his wife, Mary would not let him rest.

“George, she says it’s personal. She has to see you today.” Mary turned to the woman. “He’s always like this. A real bear to get up. What did you say your name was?”

“Sarah Jones. I an a lawyer working for the law firm of Screw & Loose. We are investigating —”

Mary jumped up from the deck chair and ran into the living room. “George, wake up, dammit. It’s a woman lawyer. What have you done?” She shook her husband’s shoulder even though his eyes and mouth were wide open. “Did you get in a fight at the local saloon. Do you have an unpaid parking ticket.” She pulled on his shirt.

(This serial was written using ‘Scar’ as the key word for the First Saturday Writers of Worcester County, Maryland.)

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