Last Episode 8/12/11

Private Green in the fourth squad raised his hand and yelled. “I’ll go. It sounds wonderful.”

A month later, the platoon got a postcard from Attu. It was all rock, snow and no trees.

The rest of the platoon laughed at the post card and how the three soldiers were taken in by the First Sergeant. They knew he was sneaky and underhanded and they still volunteered.

The First Sergeant stood in the light rain during the morning roll call. “We need a volunteer to work at the base library. He must be a non-smoker. It will be easy work in the library. He’ll probably be stacking books. Plus it will be out of the rain. He will report to Sergeant Jennifer Adkins.

Private Parsons thought about the unwritten law but he wanted to work in the library. He would be out of the rain and his boss would be a woman. He had to make up his mind fast before someone else volunteered. “I’ll go. I need a few books.” He walked to the library and spoke with Sergeant Jennifer Adkins.

She pointed at ten gasoline stoves in the library’s parking lot. “They need to be cleaned. Remember, no smoking.”

He cursed and kicked himself. He had broken the unwritten law and volunteered.

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