Episode 5 of 6 Thursday 8/11/11

“Are you interested? You got to strike while the iron is hot.”

The soldier shook his head. “I think I’ll pass. I can’t stand cold water and salty air.”

“OK, who is going to be the third one to volunteer.” He waited ten seconds. “Did I mention that you sail from Seattle to Attu on a luxury liner. No troop ship with bunks five deep and six decks down. You’ll be sailing first class. Your own stateroom with a balcony overlooking the mighty Pacific.”

No one wavered or flinched. They knew the First Sergeant was sly and crafty. Still it sounded like good duty and Alabama was not a fun place.

“What is wrong with you guys. I would be waving my hand like mad to volunteer. I just wish the Battalion Commander would let me go. Did I mention that there is a girl behind every tree and they just love men guarding their loran towers.”

Private Green in the fourth squad raised his hand and yelled. “I’ll go. It sounds wonderful.”

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