Episode 4 Wednesday 8/9/11

You’ll love it. I just wish I could go.”

Private Jones wavered. “You sure? My wife might not like me being stationed in an ocean resort with women running around in skimpy bathing suits. Will there be much of that?”

The sergeant didn’t smile. He shook his head. “You don’t have to worry. Your wife will be pleased.” He stopped for a few seconds. “Are you ready to start packing?

Private Jones nodded and began smiling.

“Go pack your duffel bag. You leave tomorrow at ten with Smith.” The First Sergeant didn’t wait for Jones to completely leave. “Alright. Who is going to be the third volunteer? Don’t everyone volunteer at once. I can only take one.” He waited a full minute as the remaining men tried to lean away from him. “It’s the chance of your military career. You may never get another opportunity as good as this one.”

Someone in the back rank spoke. “Is there any extra money? Like overseas pay or hazardous duty pay?”

“Do what?” The First Sergeant walked past a few men to get a look at the questioner. “Whatever gave you that crazy idea? The Aleutians are part of the United States. You can’t get overseas pay for serving in the States. There is certainly no hazardous duty unless you get hurt surfing in the Pacific Ocean.” He waited for the private to say something else. “Are you interested? You got to strike while the iron is hot.”

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