Episode 3 8/9/11 Tuesday

. Not mountains and red clay. When do I leave?”

The First Sergeant clapped his hands together. “That’s the spirit. A real red blooded American boy. You can leave the ranks right now and begin packing. You’ll leave tomorrow morning at ten.” He waited until Smith disappeared into his barracks. “Now I need two more for the great adventure. I agree with Private Smith. Lower Alabama leaves a lot to be desired in the summer time. The temperature here today was around 95. I’ll bet that in Attu, the temperature today was at a perfect 80 degrees, with a cool breeze blowing across the wide Pacific all the way from Japan.”

Private Jones in the second squad halfheartedly raised his hand. “How far away is Attu? I’m married and I don’t want to be going farther away from my wife.”

The First Sergeant tried not to smile. “When you’ve been married as long as I have, you don’t want to get closer to her, you want to take the opposite direction.” He waited ten seconds. “Where are you from? Where is your wife?”

“We live up in the hills in West Virginia. Is that going the wrong way?”

The First Sergeant didn’t hesitate. “Nope. It’s right on the way. Maybe a few miles out of the way, but what the hell, You got fifteen days to get to Seattle. Go home, spend ten or twelve days with her and then take off in a big airplane for Seattle. You’ll love it. I just wish I could go.”

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