Episode 2 8/8/11 Monday

“Alright, how many want to sign up? I can only take three. The rest will have to wait for the next assignment.”

The forty men leaned back farther until they were nearly ready to lose their balance. The only other movement was a wider smile.

The First Sergeant waited thirty seconds. “Did I mention the volunteers get a fifteen day delay in route to Seattle. That’s fifteen whole days to use getting to Seattle. You can go home. You can visit the Grand Canyon. Or you can go to New Orleans and see all the naked women leaning over their balconies. Come on, sign up for the duty of your lifetime. Your moms will be proud of you.”

Private Smith in the first squad broke the platoon’s silence. “Where are the Aleutian Islands? How is the surf?”

Private Smith was from Kansas and didn’t have a clue about the Aleutians or surfing. He was planning on living in Southern California and being a beach bum after his discharge.

The First Sergeant rubbed his chin and smiled wider. “Don’t you know? Why the Aleutians are a big chain of islands out there in the wide Pacific Ocean. The waves roll across the thousands of miles of Pacific Ocean and when they reach Attu, they are gigantic waves. You get yourself a ten foot surf board and you are ready for the big ones. How does that sound?”

Private Smith barely waited ten seconds. “It sound good to me. I’ll take it. I’m tired of Alabama. I want to see the ocean and sand. Not mountains and red clay. When do I leave?”

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