My greenhouse is full of cole plants. Lettuce, onions running out of my ears, more broccoli and cauliflower, Japanese radish and a ton of beets. A seed packet of beets must contain a 1000 seeds and I started two packets. Maybe I can give some to Smitty.
I started a packet of last year’s lettuce seeds. I figured 10% would come up. Fooled me. About 90%.
I started a dozen seeds from a Guatemala honey dew melon I bought at Food Lion. It was nice and yellow outside. Hard and green inside. Tasted poorly. They picked it too soon. Anyhow, everyone sprouted. I’m going to be the melon maggot of the Eastern Shore.
I should be getting asparagus soon. There is nothing better than steamed asparagus.
We grew asparagus when I was a child. But we never ate it. My brothers used it as a garnish to flower bunches. They picked wild flowers one evening, added gladiolas and asparagus from the Garden The next morning they walked down the boardwalk in Ocean City with their flower basket, yelling fresh flowers for sale.

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