Yo Gang
Sunday. We made it back to Gila, New Mexico in fine shape. <P>
We left Globe, Arizona at 8:30 this morning. We took rte 70 all the way to Lordsburg, New Mexico. No spectacular scenery.<P>
But one of the reasons we went on the trip was for Jeanne to see a saguaro cactus. We had seen none and this was our last day. <P>
About 20 miles out of Globe, Arizona, Jeanne yelled, “Look, saguaro cactus.” She stopped quickly and we got out of the car. A small mountain on the left side was covered with saguaro cacti. Cactus everywhere. <P>
There are fences all over so we couldn’t get too close. Anyhow we took a lot of pixs. <P>
Finally we drove on. Going through Pena, Arizona, we saw a post office with a gigantic Saguaro in their front yard. Jeanne made an illegal U-turn and came back. We took more photos standing beside it. I mailed postcards from there. It was a lovely post office. <P>
From there on to Turkey Creek Road, everything was anticlimax. <P>
Everything was just as we left it, in disorder. hoho<P>
This note will go out tomorrow (Monday) either from the coffee house, the Laundromat or the Library. (later. Some time in January)
We are tired and soon to have a cold one.<P>

BTW <br>
The Patriots just lost to the Jets. <br>

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