We got a bit of a late start leaving Gallup. We cruised west on rte 66 which is the main street of Gallup. We left it and got on rte 40 heading west toward the Petrified Forest National Park. We stopped at the visitor center for 30 minutes, getting instruction, stamps and post cards. We took the 28 mile drive through the Forest which was nothing but sand, rock and a tiny bit of vegetation.
At a lookout stop, there were petrified tree trunks every where. None over four feet in length.
We left the Park, got on rte 180, breezed through Concho and on to Show Low.
The hundred miles from Show Low to Globe, Arizona is the most desolate stretch of road in the USA. We went through three or four Apache Reservations.
The twenty miles through the Salt River Canyon Wilderness Area produce the most spectacular sights. The canyon walls were sheer up in places similar to the Hudson River Palisades, only about five times higher.
We would be at 7000 feet and look across the canyon and see tiny vehicles climbing on the opposite side. Later we would be there climbing again.
I was driving and Jeanne wouldn’t let me stop at a lookout if it was on her side. She said there was nothing but nothing below.
We finally escaped the Salt River canyon and got into ordinary mountains on our way to Globe, Arizona, our resting place for Saturday night.
We got two takeout dinners from the Country Kitchen. Jeanne gave them a thumbs down.
We plan on being back home in Gila, New Mexico tomorrow night. We haven’t decided on a route yet.
Jeanne wants to see a Saguaro Cactus!!!
Luckily I bought a six pack of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale last night in Gallup. No opener. I have to see the inn keeper for a church key.
Love to all from Globe, Arizona.

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