We were driving to Gila from Silver City when Jeanne yelled “Javalinas!”
Sure enough, there were three wild pigs. (Javalina or Collared Peccary) They were on a hill very close to highway 180. They are the first live one we’ve seen. Seen one road kill. So far, no Pronghorns have been seen.
We explored the opposite side of the Gila Valley. We drove until the paved road ended. Mostly small ranches and a few homes. It’s time for the playoffs. I’ve got to root for the Ravens.
Jeanne took a tour with a real estate agent for possible homes. She likes a bungalow in Bayard, New Mexico. It is relatively cheap and needs TLC. According to Jeanne it has a spectacular view from the back yard. Clyde would have plenty of running room.
Clyde and I took a hike along the Gila River on the neighbor’s property (with his permission). Clyde waded to an island, then swam a short distance to the other side. He took off running like he had a javalina in sight. He found me about fifteen minutes later.
Tomorrow we are going to Silver City for laundry and such. We need to get ready for Thursday journey to Gallup, New Mexico. If all goes well, we will go north on rte. 180, switch over into Edgar, Arizona, to St. Johns and on to route 40 and back into New Mexico to Gallup.
More later what Jeanne is searching for.
This message should go out Wednesday, 1/12/11, from the Silver City Coffee House.

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