Jesus, where in the hell are we? Ive been in strange places before, but this place is the pits. Dammit Clyde, are you listening? Where are we? We must have fell in one of these Viet Cong tunnels that the Brass said to watch out for. He crouched down, leaning to one side, trying to see around the bend in the tunnel. Get your rifle ready. There might be a whole platoon down here. He turned his head slowly looking down the tunnel to another bend and then back to Clyde. Clyde, dammit, are you OK? Pick up your rifle. Oh, Jesus, whats wrong with you? The Cong might come around that corner any minute now, guns blazing. Come on. We got to get out of this rat hole.

Clyde used the butt-end of his rifle to aid in getting to his feet. How did we get down here? I dont remember falling down into any pit. He shook his head trying to remember. This is one hell of a tunnel, he whispered. A damn tank could drive down this thing. You sure this is a tunnel? It smells more like a sewer to me. He sniffed the air. Man, its really rank down here. He turned his head in all directions, sniffing the foul air. I think its worse behind us, down that way. Lets move and get out of this stinking place before I heave my guts out.

The two men edged forward, staying close to the wall until they got to the bend. Bill, dont go out there in the middle! Clyde whispered hoarsely. The Cong will blow you away. How in the hell would I get out the here by myself?

Bill knelt down beside a small ditch running down the center of the tunnel. He scooped up a tiny amount and held it to his nose. He shook his head and wiped his hand vigorously on his combat fatigues. You think the air smells bad, take a whiff of that. Its enough to make maggot puke. He paused for a moment looking around the tunnel. Where is this light coming from? It should be darker than hell down here.

Clyde reached up and tore off a piece of glowing material from the wall. The material fell apart leaving Clydes hand glistening eerily in the gloom. Oh Christ, look at my damn hand. Its glowing like a lightning bugs rear-end.

Bill held up his hand toward Clyde and cocked his head listening intently. Quiet down. Somethings coming. He jumped back to the wall and aimed his AR-16 in the direction of the sound.

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