Episode Eleven of Thirteen


His laugh had a rattling sound like
it was coming from the depths of his body. “Why would I kill someone? I was in
the morgue and there were plenty of dead people.” He held out his glass for a
refill. “They shoved me into a freezer for a while. God, it was cold in there.
And it was dark, dark as a dungeon. Finally they pulled me out. I could hear
them talking. They were going to cremate me and a few more. They were going to
slide me into a furnace and collect the ashes.”

She handed him the glass filled to
the brim with scotch. “What did you do? How did you escape? Everybody said you
were dead.”

“The attendants left to pick up more
corpses for cremation. I somehow got strength enough to get off of the thing I
was on. I put my toe tag on another dead man.” He took a sip and grinned at
Helen. “That guy had two tags. Anyhow I stole a lab coat and walked out. I
walked around barefooted and frozen for a long time. Finally some homeless guy
gave me some old ragged-ass clothes. I’ve been wandering around forever. Frozen
and shaking like a dog. Today I finally remembered our address. I must have
walked five miles to get here.”

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