Episode Ten of twelve


It’s a wonder frost hasn’t

She wiped her right hand one last
time and placed it on his forehead, She closed her eyes and felt the coldness
flood through her body. She snatched her hand away. Her palm was coated with
multicolored skin particles and strands of hair. She wiped her hand furiously
against her hip. “You’re cold, real cold. And your skin is peeling off. I’ll go
get the thermometer.”

“No need. I know I’m cold, no use in
measuring it.” He paused slightly. “Are you sure you didn’t hit me and cause me
to fall down? I think I remember blacking out before I got to the

She shook her head rapidly. “How
could you even think that?” She backed a few steps away. “You tripped on
something and hit your head on the hearth.” A second later, she added, “Very
hard.” She backed to the fireplace and touched the urn. “Who’s in here? Did you
kill someone and trade places?”

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