Episode Nine Monday


Come here and feel my forehead. I’ve
got to be running a minus temperature.”

She didn’t move a muscle. “I don’t
think I should. You may have some God-awful contagious disease like the Ebola
virus or West Nile virus. I think we should call the hospital.” She paused a few
seconds. “And the police. You have some explaining to do on how come you are
still alive.”

“Forget the hospital and the police.
Feel of my forehead. Maybe a few aspirin will warm me up.”

She wiped her hand repeatedly on her
hip as she walked toward George. She stopped in front of George, both hands
behind her back. “I don’t think I need to feel of your forehead. I can tell from
here that your temperature is below normal. Let me go get a

He smiled. His teeth mostly brown and
yellow. He ran a thin black tongue over his green lips. He shook his head. “Now!
Put your damn hand of my forehead and feel the coldness. It’s a wonder frost
hasn’t formed.”

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