Episode Eight (Sunday)


Do you remember what you

She shook her head all the way to the
kitchen. “It must have been something like how sorry I was to lose you.
Something like that.” She handed him the drink and stayed close. “You look
terrible. You are gray in places, green in others and then black and blue spots
all over.” She stepped back and pointed at the urn. “Who is in there? What did
you do? Did you kill someone and trade places.”

“Don’t change the subject. I remember
distinctly. I was trying to scream ‘I’m not dead.’ You leaned over me and you
were smiling. You whispered something. I think you said ‘So long asshole.’” He
took a moderate sip. “What did you say?”

She leaned against the fireplace. “I
don’t remember, but I certainly didn’t say that. There was so much excitement
and yelling going on, I probably said ‘So long darling.’”

He nodded slowly. “That’s probably
it.” He grinned. His green lips making him look like the Joker from the old
Batman comics. “Come here and feel my forehead. I’ve got to be running a minus

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