Episode seven


She handed him the glass and stepped
back quickly keeping her back to the urn. She waited until he gulped half of the
scotch. “Where have you been? You’ve been declared dead and cremated.” She moved
and placed her hand on the urn. “I have your ashes in here. In your big
stainless steel urn, just like you wanted.”

George shook his head. “How dumb can
you get? Do I look like I’m in that thing?” He took a slow sip for a change.
“What happened to me? I remember walking to get something and the lights went
out. The next thing I remember I was in an ambulance. A man was pushing on my
chest. He was yelling that my heart had stopped. A woman leaned over me and
placed two pieces of metal on my chest. I couldn’t think. Everything was
happening so fast. Then she jolted me with electricity. It must have been a
thousand volts or more.

“The guy was yelling no heart beat,
do it again. She fried me about ten times before quitting. The guy said we were
too late. He’s gone. Right now he’s standing before St. Peter.” George emptied
the glass and held it out. “I heard you say something. Do you remember what you

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