Episode six (Friday)


She trotted to the kitchen,
bewildered and unable to think straight. All she knew, George was here and he
wanted a drink. She poured a water glass half full of scotch and ran back to the
living room.

George drained it in two swallows. He
handed the empty glass back. “Another and don’t be so damn slow. Did you turn up
the heat like I said. It cold in here, I’m shaking like a leaf.”

She was at the kitchen entrance when
she stopped and turned around. “It’s July, George, it’s actually quite warm in
here. Are you feeling alright?”

“Of course I’m not alright, you dumb
ass. I’ve been wandering around lost for two weeks. Dogs chasing after me, kids
throwing rocks at me and and people ignoring me when I asked for help.” He
paused a moment and wiped his forehead. He studied his palm for an instant.
“It’s a mean and cruel world out there when you’re down and out.” He glared at
her. “Where’s my drink, you idiot?”

She took her time pouring the scotch
trying to think what to do. Should she call the police. Should she call 911? She
needed time to think. She had to do something.


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