Episode four (Wed)


I would advise against it. It weighs
sixty lbs and that’s without George. It has a heavy solid base to keep it from
tipping over.” She paused for five seconds. “How come you are so late in coming
over? George has been deceased for nearly two weeks.”

“I was on vacation. I got back
yesterday. A friend called and wanted to know if I knew about George. So I found
George in the online obituary.” She ran her hand over the name and scroll work.
“I have to go. If I can’t see George, I at least saw his final resting

Helen waved goodbye as Jennifer
pulled away from the curb. She returned to the living room, patted George,
retrieved her pack of Marlboros from the bottom drawer. Next was a stiff drink
from George’s private stock of double malted imported scotch. She sat in
George’s favorite recliner, lit a cigarette, leaned back and smiled.

An hour later she woke from a light
nap in the easy chair. She listened intently. There had been a noise like a door
being closed carefully. She sniffed. There was a whiff of mustiness and a hint
of decay. Someone or something else was in the house with her. She pressed back
into the recliner trying to make herself less

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