Episode three


Helen started to reach for a
cigarette. George had strictly forbidden smoking in the house. Smoking was an
outside thing he said. He would get highly agitated if he even thought he
smelled a trace of cigarette smoke. She stopped and smiled. “I was just
following his wishes. He want a quick cremation, no frills, no viewing, no
sermon and no funeral parade. He wanted a large funeral urn. His ashes and room
for mine when I passed away.” She managed a faint grin. “Of course I’m a young
woman and that may be a long ways in the future.” This time she smiled widely at
Jennifer. “At least I hope so.

“Where’s George right now? When do
you get his ashes?”

Helen smiled widely and pointed over
the fireplace. “There he is, right on the mantle. George loved that fireplace.
He had that mantle especially made from solid teak. He also stipulated that he
wanted a big beautiful stainless steel urn. One that would last ten thousand

“May I look at it? It looks beautiful
from here.” She waited for Helen’s nod and then walked to the fireplace. “It is
lovely. Lots of fancy scroll work that George loved.” She put her hand on urn’s
handle. “Is it heavy? Can I lift it?”

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