episode 2 Monday


He did have a somewhat vacant

Jennifer wiped both eyes with a clean
tissue. “What else did you do? Poor George was probably just

Helen looked at the hearth. “I don’t
know. He really hit his head good. His head hit that hearth, pow, bounced up a
foot, fell again, pow. Poor George must have cracked his skull in four or five

“While you were next to him on your
hands and knees, did you give him mouth to mouth resuscitation?”

Helen frowned severely at Jennifer.
“What are you saying? Do you think I would put my lips on a dead man’s mouth and
blow air into him. He may have had a dead man’s belch and filled me with
poisoned air.”

Jennifer looked at Helen in amazement
for a few seconds. “Why did you have him cremated so fast. Usually if there’s
nothing wrong, there is a viewing a few days after death and then cremation.
Never right away, the next day after the death occurred. That’s just not

Helen started to reach for a
cigarette. George had strictly forbidden smoking in the house. Smoking was an
outside thing he said.

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