Episode one


A new serial begins October 9, 2010


Episode one

“What happened to George? I saw his name in the obituaries and it said he had been cremated the very next day. Was he in an accident that left him horribly disfigured? What was the hurry?” Jennifer, an old friend from college was wiping at a tear. “I would have liked to have seen poor old George one last time.”

Helen, George’s wife for ten years, held out her hand while shaking her head. “George just fell down in the living room and hit his head on the raised hearth. I was watching the whole time. He wanted the remote. I pointed at it on the mantle and said ‘there it is.’ He was reaching for the remote when he just fell out flat hitting his head.”

“Oh my God! That must have been horrible. Didn’t he say anything?”
She looked at the ceiling as if trying to remember. “It was. It was terrible. His head went pow-pow. Not a drop of blood. Just a big knot right over his temple.”

“What did you do? Was he thrashing around like he was having a fit?”

“No. He laid there completely still. I walked over to him and got on my hands and knees. I said ‘George-George’ a few times and he didn’t even blink an eye.” She paused a moment. “It was scary. He was laying there with his eyes wide open.” She stopped for a second. “He did have a somewhat vacant look.”

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