Final Episode 12


She began putting her remaining books
in a tote bag. Was she going to ignore me?

“No money, huh. But I need a helper. My
last helper left me around Kansas City.” She shoved the remaining three books in
the tote bag. “Can you drive a truck? Do you have a current driver’s

I nodded my head frantically. Was she
actually going to take me to the Four Corners? “Yes, I can drive and I have a
valid driver’s license.” My hands were shaking with excitement and

“Any goodbyes to be said? Any Wife and
kids out there waiting for you to come home?”

I was shaking my head a mile a minute.
“No, no. I am free as a bird. I am ready to go. I want to see the Grand Canyon
and climb the rock face searching for pictographs of Mary Magdalene.” She smiled
at me. Her golden tooth blinded me for a second. She pointed at the tote bag for
me to pick up.

“OK, you’re hired. Let’s hit the road.
We have about 2000 miles to go. Noah and Mary are waiting for us.”

My head was above cloud nine. I was
going with this beautiful intelligent woman to search for biblical artifacts. I
grabbed the tote and followed her out the back door to a large Recreation
Vehicle. She gave me the key and away we went. Four Corners, here we come.

I adjusted the large side mirror. Two
men in white coats were entering the theater. I grinned widely and

 3/2/10 edited 3/26/10 3128

That’s all

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